Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Day We've Been Waiting for...The Ceremony

Once the chaos of getting dressed had passed, I was more than ready to walk down that short aisle to meet Matt.

Thanks so much Mary Alise for your help coordinating our families in the chapel!!!

Jackie Gaut of Dana's Floral Designs did a great job capturing my vision of the chapel.

Matt and I have both lost grandparents in the last few years (he lost two this year) so I thought it would be nice to have them be a part of the ceremony. We included framed pictures of each of them on the piano at the front of the chapel.

The ceremony was short and sweet- just how Matt needed it to be. We simply exchanged vows and rings and it was official...and over! Matt is SO not into PDA and everyone knows it so we decided in advance instead of a first kiss that we would bump fists (and THEN kiss). Well, that was the plan. Matt decided on his own that it was a serious occasion so it warranted the kiss. So we kissed; the whole time I am saying "hey...what about the fists?" The pictures document it pretty well.

And the audience gave us the expected laugh!

The much awaited presentation of Mr. and Mrs. :

Can you see how thrilled I am????? You can't even tell that we just exchanged vows in the midst of tornado warnings and a tropical storm/hurricane!

Mama and I- her hair is not bad considering the sacrifice she made helping me get in and out of the rain!

Matt and his mom.

Because of the torrential rain, we were obviously limited to the tiny chapel for pictures. After all of the family groups were taken care of, Matt and I stayed for some of just the 2 of us. Here are some of my favorites from the indoor session. (I'll do the outdoor session in a separate post)

Matt looks particularly serious in this one for some reason! Did I mention he is not exactly a fan of having his picture taken?

(Notice the raindrops on his shoulders)

Not a typical pose for us, but with limited options we got a little bit creative.

And finally, we were off to enjoy the reception!!!

Stay tuned!

All photos provided by Kim Box Photography.


The Reeds said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love them all!!

~w said...

jeez! truly a dream wedding.....despite the freakin' hurricane, torrential downpours, spawned tornadoes, and fallen trees! and i'm sorry....but the photographs are WELL worth waiting for! she nailed it! i love you and i am so proud to see this!

Hillary Dunham said...

SO beautiful! I loved seeing it through your eyes down the aisle and the dress, flowers, etc are absolutely Gorgous! Not to forget the bride! Just beautiful!!

annieck said...

WOW! SO incredibly, the chapel, the wedding, the pictures...perfect!!! I know you must be so pleased!

~k said...

Thanks Ladies, for all of your sweet comments!!!

Adrienne said...

Amazing! Love the shoes and love the shots with the piano!

jessica lynn said...

loved the picture of your church so much that i posted it on my blog (post scheduled for later today). hope you dont mind!! And i loooove your shoes!


What gorgeous photos! You had a great photographer!!