Saturday, October 31, 2009

Before and After: The Downstairs Master

This post (or series of posts, depending on how tired I get) is for the best realtor in the world! Beth Bowman stuck by us through thick and thin! Our home search saga was too topsy turvy to ever post about- good thing I didn't try. By the time we found what we ultimately purchased, Beth had moved to Valdosta (boo) and Tammy Brown Chavers moved in as her relief. What a great save! She was awesome and really made things go smoothly~ love her too!
So anyway, Beth hasn't seen any pictures and she hasn't made it by to visit yet so I promised to post some pics for her.

I'll start with my favorite room, "my" bathroom' Since Matt and I are getting ready for work at the same time every day he has full access to the master bath and I took over the guest bath downstairs.


I changed out the brass cabinet knobs and installed "diamond cut" glass knobs, hung curtains and a crystal chandelier and added a zebra rug in front of the sink and a white "fur" rug in front of the shower. Matt installed a Mac-Daddy shower head and I got a pretty spa blue shower curtain and used mirrored curtain hangers. My goal had been "Tiffany" blue, but it was hard to find the perfect shade. I also replaced the brass towel and toilet paper rods with a brushed nickel set. I still have some things to do (hang a picture, etc) but I've really enjoyed getting ready in this spacious room compared to the tiny space on Dartmouth.

The sink area:

Wendy gave me a great idea- use our "getting ready" pictures in my "getting ready" room! Loved the idea and took care of it immediately! Now I just need to hang it.

The shower area BEFORE:


Curtain rings ~Emerald Cut:)

The Downstairs Master (adjacent to bath above) BEFORE:

I am in search of the perfect piece of art for above the bed so it's a bit bare still and there is an extra table in there:

I am also planning on trying to change out the hardware on the furniture from brass to brushed nickel, but for some reason the old holes aren't the new standard so it will be a chore and I've been procrastinating because I am scared!

Doorway BEFORE:

Doorway AFTER:

Can't represent Abby Gayle without representing Xena too!

Since I only have a Wanna Be Photog camera and not the upgrade to a Professional camera (yet) complete with all of the lighting tools that would enable me to shoot at night inside and it still be pretty, I apologize for the poor lighting in my after pics!!

More to come later.