Saturday, February 13, 2010

The 1 millionth freaking out because there is SNOW post...

Short and sweet because it's bedtime!

Abby Gayle isn't a fan of having wet feet so the snow wasn't so fun for her~ but she got used to it!

Xena had a rough time on the slippery tile that resulted from wet feet but didn't mind the snow falling a bit! She decided to take a moment to enjoy it and plopped right down in it! Not exactly what I had in mind when I took her out that time!

The "way back" backyard was gorgeous and perfect...

- at least until Matt wrote his name in the snow.

I drove around the neighborhood a bit and ran into some little friends~ I may post those pics later. They were having so much fun throwing snowballs!

I also happened upon the COOLEST snowman ever~ it happened to be in a co-worker's yard so I stopped to check it out up close! It was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How messy will my yard be tomorrow? Good thing we both have rubber boots!