Monday, November 16, 2009

Whew, What a Weekend! Great Company, Beautiful Weather and a Near Disaster!

Matt's dad and Jean came to visit from Indy this weekend. I took a day off last week to get ready, we had a room full of boxes that HAD to be dealt with! After SO much time invested, it paid off! I will upload pics of the guest room eventually. I took 2 days off this past week to spend with the guys and it was a lot of fun. We watched more football than I could imagine possible (ROLL TIDE!) and that is saying A LOT! We ate more than any group should have within a four day time span (Jubilee Seafood, Martins, Filet & Vine, and Dreamland~ not to mention breakfast everyday).

Jean did me the favor of taking some shots for our Christmas cards and I snuck a few in of the guys.

The weather was phenomenal with temps in the 70's during the day and a bit cooler at night. My roses are in full bloom again!

Then the Near Disaster almost ruined EVERYTHING! Abby Gayle and Xena have spent a TON of time outside lately in the nice weather.

They seemed to be fine. So much so that Matt would leave for short periods of time and let them wander freely in the back yard. NOT ANYMORE! As I was inside preparing for dinner Friday night and Matt was grilling he reminded me at about 7 that the dogs had not been fed.

So, I grabbed Abby Gayle and we went to the studio to get supper ready for the girls. Matt had been to the grocery WAY earlier (as in daylight hours) and I truly thought he put Xena up before he left. I didn't think to ask, I just assumed. So, when I opened the door to the studio and she wasn't in there, I was shocked. I went back outside and asked Matt where she was. She normally finds a bush to lay under so I was about to go looking (in the dark) for her but instinct always tells me to look toward the pool first, then I go look for her under the bushes. This time, I looked toward the pool and the cover we put on the pool 2 weeks ago was obviously not right. (Right as in what it looks like below)

I could see pitch black water in the moonlight! I ran screaming toward the pool and found Xena soaking wet and struggling to get out of the water. I don't remember being that scared in a very long time. She is about 14? and is VERY arthritic. She was shaking uncontrollably because she had been working her hips and back legs SO HARD trying to get out of the pool. We have no idea how long she was in there but the water was about 60 degrees. Chaos ensued and Matt ran over and got in the pool and helped me get her out because I couldn't. We rushed to get towels and got her inside in front of the propane heater in the studio. She warmed up eventually and stopped shaking. It's been 3 days and she seems to have recovered well. Good thing she's a lab!

The new rule is that if they are outside without us, they are on the tie-out. No more unsupervised roaming for my babies. And before we have babies (or a baby) we will have a fence around that pool!

We rounded off the weekend with the Colts Patriots game. Whew! Another Near Disaster avoided! Love our Colts!!!