Friday, July 25, 2008

Tie My Shoes


I think!

I picked up the shoes and after a 4th trip to Penolia's to have some minor corrective dying they are ready to wear! I hope...depends on what they look like when I get to my car to see how they dried! Here is a sneak peek:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Long time, no post

Such a delay in posts. All I can say is it has been quite busy around here!


The tie dilemma has been resolved. Matt took it upon himself to find one! He got it at The Locker Room- he could not have been more pleased with himself. And I must say, it is absolutely perfect! I made him take a picture of the flowers with him- that did NOT please him, but he actually took it in there once he knew they had a fuschia tie! So proud of him!

By the way, it takes JUST AS MUCH planning to do a small wedding as it does a big one. Not as easy as it looks! I will say I have been pretty successful in cutting out the stress thus far. Ask me again in September how it went in the end!

Anyone know how to lose 10 punds in a month? I SWEAR I could do it in college-what in the world is the problem?!?!

Below are the flowers that the floral designer is using for the wreaths. I will carry a lot of the same but with more fuschia and less orange.

I just returned from a nice relaxing and fun trip to the beach with a couple of girlfriends. Lots of food, a little sun and great times~ thanks girls!!!
I will post a picture or 2 later- but not all of them!!!
Matt is currently learning a lot at a Continuing Legal Education Seminar at Harvard that they go to every year. Gives me LOTS of time to do wedding stuff...and watch all of the movies he won't! I am going to see Mama Mia with Cousin Megan tonight- can't wait!
He goes to VEGAS next week- someone had better find me something to do!

If anyone would like to, Wendy is taking bets ($500) on our first child's arrival. She said things will be in the works this time next year- I took that bet and I will win! Matt's response was that Wendy better be ready to pay up- not respectable to not pay a bet you lose!!! OH- forgot the best part- he said he was taking bets for $1000 that I would be trying to have the conversation with him before this time next year- HA!

What else?
I have errands to run...more later!!!