Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Uno, dos, tres!!

Hola Amigos!
3 days to go!!!(was that all Spanish up there or a mix of Spanish and French? I took both and tend to mix them since I never mastered either)
Can you believe it?
I can hardly contain myself!
THREE days until I am Mrs. Matt Alfreds!
Woo wee!


Went to Birmingham this past weekend...
this is how it ended:

Poor Whitney! I sabotaged my own weekend! The five of us took 1 car to Bham. Before we got ready to go out, I decided it would be best to go ahead and blow up my air mattress. It, of course, would not blow up in the room, so I had to go to the car and use the car adapter. WELL, I took Whitney's keys while she was in the shower, ran to the car with Robyn, and attempted to move the car closer to the hotel- so they would not see me blowing up the mattress since we said there would be 4 guests rather than 5! I stuck the key in the ignition, nothing. Tried and tried.

Uh oh, wrong key- it was Whitney's hubby's DODGE key! So, simple enough, I put Whitney's Trailblazer key in...NOTHING! Many attempts later, we read the manual. GUESS WHAT? There was a security function that DISABLES the fuel system if the wrong key is inserted or the ignition is "tampered" with! YES... I single-handedly disabled Whitney's fuel system. Which was SUPPOSED to reset itself after 10 minutes. TWO hours later, locksmith arrives. He is so young that he can't even grow facial hair! He "looks" at the car, proceeds to read the exact section of the manual to us that we have read NUMEROUS times. I let him know we managed to read it ourselves, prior to calling for help. GOH! SO, 2 more hours later we settle for a tow and a cabbie named Bruce! Such a nice guy! We missed dinner at Twenty-six, settled for the hotel bar...

THEN... we went to the Rare Martini courtesy of Mr. Bruce and had a BLAST!

What is it with me and THE BAND????

Whitney's car wasn't towed until Sunday morning-we caught a ride with a couple we knew that just happened to be celebrating their anniversary and had a Tahoe...7 sets of luggage, seven adults, lots of Summit loot and we are on our way home!!!

WOW! I need a vaca- fo sure!
Can't wait to see my peeps Saturday!!!