Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just realized tonight that I never posted pictures from Matt's birthday trip to Chicago!
We went at the end of January.
We stayed at the Hard Rock and had such a great time!
It was 4 flippin' degrees when we landed- I am SUCH a Southerner, I thought I was going to DIE!
I layered more than I ever imagined possible and we had a fabulous time!
The highlight (and real reason for the trip) was a Metallica concert for my music loving husband!
WE love all kinds of music but I was really branching out on this trip.
SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I was really nervous about Mosh Pits, etc. but it was a breeze!
3rd row and LOVING it!
We also went to an authentic Blues club and had the best time ever!
I can't wait to go again...in the Summer!


Bowman said...

we'll be there in december. hoping to finish my battery operated, electric blanket type thermal underwear by then. i hate the cold!

~w said...

some of my favorites pics ever!