Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayes-E-Pooh!!!

This weekend is my little sister's birthday (she's the middle child).
I decided to give her her own post since she is now living way up in Brunswick, Maine.
We miss her so! She seems to be doing alright though...

Here's to you Pooh!

This is back in the day (she's on the right and Katherine is on the left):

And here we are now (she's first in line):


In other news... we are still having a blast at Matt's Mom's. It's been so nice but I know that we will be glad to get back to the normalcy of having our own space. They've been the GREATEST and we really are enjoying it but I miss my Xena SO VERY MUCH!

I picked her up last Sunday for a visit. She seemed a bit mad at me but got over it soon enough. We had some good quality time together before I took her back to the kennel. I brushed her for about an hour- wow was she shedding! I keep meaning to arrange a haircut for her soon. She was not a bit reluctant to get out of the car back at Pike Road Kennel ~ she didn't even look back. She just ran off to see her new friends again! Made me a little sad but I am so glad she loves it out there so much!

I can't wait to see her again!

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