Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a great time at the now annual Halloween bash at the Steen's.

They go all out for this party and it is worth it!

Matt and I went as Colts. He was Receiver #11 Anthony Gonzalez and I was a (much more covered up) Colts Cheerleader.

The food table is probably my favorite part of the decor. There were Eyeballs (Sweet and Sour Meatballs) Bat shaped chicken salad sandwiches, Brains (jello mold), ghosts (white chocolate nutter butters), "finger" cookies and carrots, snakes (ham crossaints) jello shots, and some pregnancy friendly punch (there were quite a few soon to be mommies there).

There were some fabulous costumes. Everyone gets so creative. Elvis and Priscilla came, Mickey and Minnie, The guys from Talladega Nights, "Miss" Talladega (she was preggo) Julian McPhillips- "the People's Lawyer", the Geico Caveman, Snow White, an outlet and a plug, a cartoon character milkshake, a VERY pregnant bride, a pregnant "Miss Elmore County" in a full length gown, the Tooth Fairy, Twister, Jailer and an Elmore County Prisoner.

My favorite couple of the night was Matt's "dear" friend, Jason Head...he came as MATT ALFREDS and Lindsey was Peyton Manning because Matt is his biggest fan! Jason wore a UK hat to symbolize Matt's love for KY basketball over a "bald" cap and he painted a beard. He also carried the Alabama hugger from our wedding since we are Alabama football fans and wore a suit and tie like Matt's wedding suit and tie. His opening line was "Go Cats, Roll Tide, Drink's my card". (Matt is a DUI defense atty but doesn't ask people to drink up I promise)

I was in tears! Matt handled it well, it was a complete surprise though!

Here is a picture of Matt on our wedding day:

Isn't that hilarious?

We got up this morning (very carefully) and went to Tuscaloosa for the Homecoming game against Arkansas State. A 35-0 victory for the Tide (thank goodness!). And Texas just lost....will we be #1???? Good gracious, if we are I hope our boys just noticed how fast #1 can fall...

Matt and I after the game:

Mama and I:

Still waiting on proofs...


annieck said...

Ya'll looked SO CUTE! LOVE the costumes!
And that food...WOW! I can tell a lot of preparation went into that party. What a fun annual event!

The Reeds said...

HAHAHAHA! Jason did well! You and Matt look great too:)
I was still eating chicken casserole yesterday- that stuff was YUMMY!! Thanks again!

~w said...

just hilarious! ya'll are SO cute! the food is crazy! i don't know if i could stomach the jello. so creative. i always can't wait to hear about the party. i'm glad it was a good one again! and i love the roll tide dress!

~k said...

Thanks ladies!
April,Glad you liked the casserole-I am going to have to try it for sure now!
Annie, the boys were so cute!
Wendy, the Poodle was precious and I still need to hear how you conned Eb into being a bat instead of Diego!