Monday, December 7, 2009

RAMMER JAMMER! Championship Bound!

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Matt and I had the most FABULOUS weekend!
We traveled to Atlanta to see our beloved Tide DOMINATE the Gators!
We've been to a lot of football games together and had some great times, but I must say that this one is at the top of the list. When else have we been able to enjoy such a win? Admittedly, I was extremely nervous and didn't breathe easily until the last 3 minutes but it beat the heck out of waiting until the last minute to win! The scoreboard never indicated that there was any question we'd win!
(Unlike the best game of our lives- The Colts/Patriots AFC Championship game when I was unbelievably nauseous at halftime thinking about how much $ I'd spent on Matt's present- TOTALLY worth it in the end!)
It's been an incredible season for us so far- all 3 of our teams (Alabama, Colts and UK Basketball) are undefeated!

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I must say, I like Tim Tebow. As a person. As an athlete (as incredible as he is) I will admit I was tired of hearing about him. Probably as much as other NFL fans get tired of hearing about Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. But as a person I think he has done an amazing job of putting God first and foremost and I was super impressed (as always) with the class he showed Saturday night in Atlanta in what had to be one of the biggest disappointments of his career. Not to mention the attention God and the Bible receive everytime his name is mentioned!

Back to the subject at hand... Good Luck Ingram!!!!! You've definitely earned the Heisman in our eyes!

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ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!