Sunday, October 19, 2008

Waiting ... Patiently!

Still waiting on our reshoot proofs. I must say that this has been a much easier wait (since we have seen our first set of proofs). I haven't had much time to blog lately, I've been working a good bit of overtime.

We've been enjoying the football season so far. The Colts have had a rough start and we thought they turned it around last week and then today's game happens. What the heck is wrong with 'em??? At least the Tide are not breaking our hearts. Yesterday's game against Ole Miss was tough to bear- the 2nd half anyway! Geez.

This was at the first Alabama home game vs. Tulane, not a thriller but it was fun! Matt asked if I was pulling for Georgia when we left the house. I tried to explain, there aren't that many cute options in Crimson.

I finally got some time to take a quick trip to Headland to see some really cute kids...
Emme had her first taste of PEARS while I was there.

Eb decided he had some major work to catch up on Saturday afternoon. He had all of the neighbor kids in tow! (and their Yorkie)

Emme supervised...

Sunday lunch at Cracker Barrel after church. It was such good family time.

I promised a Honeymoon blog not too long ago, and I will get to it eventually...I was sorta waiting until after the final wedding blog to do the honeymoon.

I must also add that my pictures are well worth the wait. Our photographer really is something special and I DO highly recommend her to everyone!!! It's not her fault I don't have much patience. Not too long ago I would have prayed for patience; BUT recently some ladies I was speaking with about praying for patience informed me that I would be asking God for a test in patience if that is what I prayed for. Is that TRUE??? It's hard enough for me to wait for anything as it is...